Carlo Amantea (on the ground floor)

Carlo Amantea's masterful exhibition proves that the art of painting is alive, especially when pursued as a passionate quest, as a journey without commercial pressures. Amantea employs a sophisticated technique and conceptual strategies reflecting his long study of el Greco, Matisse, Colour Field, and New New. Particularly striking is Amantea's very distinct feeling for colour and his overwhelming sense of freedom we know from the art of Hans Hofmann.

Catalog available (sixteen images, 20 pages, softcover, size 7x7 inches).

Joseph Drapell (on the second floor)

After his quartet "Seasons I" was acquired by the National Gallery in Prague, Joseph Drapell painted this smaller group, "Toronto Seasons 2003". These four paintings are 15 feet wide (the works of the first quartet were 22 feet wide). Due to their size, this is only the second opportunity to view them all. This quartet was first launched fifteen years ago with a concert by the late Jacques Israelievitch and his TSO friends.

both shows OPEN: September 22, 2018